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As this site is not a commercial site support is currently limited to the users help users scheme. There are several mailing lists. Please make sure you check the FAQ as well.

Site related and other questions

If you have any questions concerning the OpenGPS Project itself, the website, want us to add links etc. please contact us at:

Mailing lists

All our mailing lists can be reached at <listname> After you have subscribed you will receive a subscription notification. From then on you can post your mails to the list. The exception are the lists marked as read only (ro). Those will be used by us as one way notification. Make sure the email address under which you send your postings is the same as the one you used in your subscription.

list topic / intended audience
news (ro)

General announcements of new developments, changes, new projects, updates etc. for everybody who likes to stay informed on news and updates concerning OpenGPS.


This is a 'user helping user' list. If you have questions concerning OpenGPS client software post them here. Please make sure you checked the FAQ first.


Use this list is to discuss development topics. Please do not post things like 'how do I download waypoints from my GPS device'.

(ro) read only. You cannot post to this list.

Example: to post a mail to the developer list just mail to

Subscribe to a mailing list

To subscribe to a mailing list or to change your selection of one or more of the lists, please enter your eMail, select the lists you want to sign on to or sign off from and press submit.

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